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In the past, after the wedding , choosing Italy for the Honeymoon, obviously Venice,  was certainly the most requested destination.  Now, this country is not only the place for the final chapter of a ceremony, but a location where the bride and the broom can involve their guests having the pleasure to travel and stay in a wonderful country as Tuscany, Umbria, Campania, Lazio etc…, enjoying a wedding organized in a historical villa, Castle or a ancient roman villa where important Italian Nobles or rich patrician Romans used to get married and having the opportunity to visit by the same way a country they probably wouldn’t  have dreamt to stay in.

Tuscolane Villas

The Tuscolane Villas, for example,  are splendid examples of late Renaissance and Baroque style buildings. They were built for Popes, bishops and their families. These villas are a combination of multicolored rooms, filled with frescos that represent nature and classical myths, and splendid gardens with unique fountains and green areas. The villas are surrounded by the beautiful Tuscolana countryside, amongst hills that era thick with woods, vineyards and olive trees that have been used, for centuries, to make excellent wine, oil and other delicacies for the noble families in Rome.

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Villa Vecchia, in the past called Villa Angelina and Villa Tuscolana, also called la Rufinella are two of the oldest villas situated in splendid panoramic positions. These historical buildings have now become charming hotels. It’s a fascinating location, you can still feel the magnificent past and it is ideal for unforgettable moments.

Roberta Russo – Destination Wedding can make this dream come true organizing everything described above leaving in the new couple and the guests mind, a unforgettable event.

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