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A symbolic ceremony is the promise of love between two people.  It is the exact same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings.  The only difference is that it is not legally binding.

You can opt to get legally married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in Italy.   If you prefer, your wedding guests don’t even need to know this is a symbolic ceremony.  About 30% of our couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony, and for them this is the actual wedding; the legal paperwork is then only a formality.

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Since you are not bound by any restrictions you can choose a formal or informal atmosphere and your format can be either traditional or as creative as you!

We provide the celebrant and assistance with personal vows, music, poetry, soloist singer and flower arrangements. Your friends and family are welcome to participate in making the event special. A beautiful parchment certificate in calligraphy will immortalize the event.

The content of a commitment wedding ceremony will vary from couple to couple, and is always tailored to the needs of each individual couple. The marriage ceremony can be as traditional as you wish, or relaxed and unstructured. The ceremony can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or a family member.
Whatever the case, we’ll be by your side and advise you so that you can fulfill what you’ve always dreamt.

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