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The honeymoon is the most beautiful trip of the entire life. It’s a relaxed period of time you deserve following the busy days of the preparation of the wedding. The choice of the honeymoon is basically important.

To avoid any inconvenience, it’s surely better to depend on serious and qualified travel agencies which are able to suggest the best solutions either for the choice of the destination according to the kind of season, either to guaranty the value for money.

Mistrust very cheap trips:

remember what you will pay, you will receive.

In any case, even before going to the travel agency, we suggest to have clear ideas avoiding the risks, being to much enthusiast, to forget important details which could be essential for the success of the holiday you deserve.
It’s important not to be dazzled by gorgeous pictures shown in agency; an organized and serious agency will be surely able to satisfy what you’re expecting but, don’t be afraid to ask any kind of requests in order to make you feel more comfortable and calm, the travel agents will be pleased to give you all the answers you need as it is their first goal to satisfy you assuring a good organization for your wellness: that’s the best advertisement they could ever get.
So we suggest according to the choice of “type of trip “ is to consider if you want to organize a holiday based on a complete relax or a dynamic holiday based on rich locations to be explored. It’s possible to choose as well a combine trip in which is included the opportunity to unify a nice cruise with a stay on a sunny beach or to an organized tour in another location.You dream … we do!

The suggested locations

During the honeymoon, it’s better to avoid being at the right place at the wrong moment, this is why we want to inform you about the right period of each destination in order to always find the ideal climate to enjoy this unforgettable dream in a perfect relax.

Costa Rica – Brazil – Hawaii – Hong Kong – Caribbean Islands – Singapore

Costa Rica – Hawaii – Hong Kong – Caribbean Islands- Singapore – Kenya.

Costa Rica – Hawaii – Hong Kong – Caribbean Islands – Singapore – Kenya.

Australia – Egypt (Red Sea) – Hawaii – Hong Kong.

Australia – Egypt – Fiji – Hawaii – Hong Kong Mauritius – Seychelles – South Africa – United States

Australia –  Bali – Comoro – Egypt – North Europe – Scandinavia –  Fiji – Hawaii – Mediterranean Islands – Italy (Sea) – Mauritius – Spain – Us.

Bali – Comoro – Egypt (Red Sea) – North Europe- Scandinavia – Fiji Hawaii – Mediterranean Islands- Italy (sea) – Spain – Us – Kenya.

Bali – Comoro – Scandinavia – Fiji – Hawaii – Mediterranean Islands- Italy (sea) – Spain – Us.

Australia –  Bali – Comoro – Egypt( Red Sea) – North Europe Scandinavia – Fiji – Hawaii – Mediterranean Islands – Italy(sea) – Mauritius – Seychelles – Spain – Us.

Australia – Brazil – Comoro – Egypt ( Red Sea) – Fiji – Hawaii – Hong Kong – Mauritius – Seychelles – Us.

Australia – Brazil- Egypt ( Red Sea) – Fiji – Hawaii – Hong Kong – Malaysia occ. – Seychelles- Mauritius – South Africa.

Australia – Brazil – Caribbean Islands – Kenya – Seychelles – South Africa – Thailand.


January – February – March:
Central Africa, Alaska, Amazonia, Canada, Comoro, Finland, Greenland, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, – Sweden.

East Africa, Amazonia, Comoro – Costa Rica, India, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand.

Amazonia, Caribbean, Colombia, Comoro – Costa Rica, Galapagos, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Panama, Thailand, Sri Lanka,  Venezuela.

South West and East Africa,  central high hills of Mexico, Caribbean, Colombia, Costa Rica, Philippine, India, Maldives, Nepal, Seychelles, Sri Lanka  Venezuela.

July – August – September:  
Africa, central high hills of Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Philippine, Florida, Maldives, Middle East, India, Nepal, Thailand Venezuela.

East Africa, Amazonia, Caribbean, Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Tanzania.

November – December:
Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Greenland, Island e Sweden.

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