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Destination Wedding Tuscany

Tuscany is universally known for its great wealth of monuments and works of art: famous throughout the world are the cities of Florence, Pisa, Siena. Less known but not for this “second” to the centers mentioned above as to monumental wealth are the centers of Arezzo, Prato, Carrara, Pistoia (“capital of Italian culture 2017”) and Lucca. Finally, practically “unpublished” to tourism, even if characterized by valuable monuments are the cities of Livorno, Grosseto and Massa. Not least are the many smaller centers, some of which are perfectly preserved historic cities, guardians of priceless works of art.

“Tuscany Landscape”

An atmosphere of other times

“Palazzo Vecchio”

The famous palace of Florence

“Fulfill Your Wishes”

The dream location that will fulfill your wishes

“Your Promises “

Your promise of love in a romantic village in Tuscany