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Destination Wedding Positano

Those coming to Positano make it from a winding road that runs along a rocky wall rich in Mediterranean vegetation: clusters of broths and rosemary sprouting along the jagged coastline that frames the crystalline sea. Suddenly an unforgettable scene opens up, the vision between myth and dream: Positano.

Walking along the stretch of road that crosses it, you can come across narrow and articulated lanes, stairways that overlook breathtaking views, terraced gardens, limestone pergolas and multicolored spots of bougainvillea.

From the white houses clinging to the rock, terraces full of geraniums and daisies up to the beach, from which Positano looks like a pyramid of houses climbing towards the sky.

Along the coast surrounded by greenery you can find hidden coves and unexplored places.

Positano is like this: legend, history and enchanted beauty that captures anyone who passes by.

“The Path of the Lovers”

Follow The Path of the Lovers from the Great Beach to the Calette del Fornillo

“A panorama recognized all over the world”

A place that never ceases to seduce those who come here

“Make your wedding unforgettable”

Your unique day in a unique landscape

“Your “I do”in a unique place”

Say those words in a magical atmosphere