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Destination Wedding Naples

Considered by many as the “most beautiful city in the world”, Naples is located in the south of Italy and is the third city of Italy per population.

The city hosts and is surmounted by the famous “Vesuvio”, one of the most famous active volcanoes in the world.

The UNESCO evaluation committee described Naples’ centre as being “of exceptional value”, and went on to say that Naples’ setting on the Bay of Naples “gives it an outstanding universal value which has had a profound influence”.

The foundation of the city of Naples is linked to the myth of the siren Parthenope, who died suicide because of his love for Ulysses and found on the shores of the Gulf of Naples.

The city is famous in the world for its folklore and for the warmth of its people, proud representatives of the “Napoletaneità”.

Naples is not only beautiful scenery and friendly people, but also the city that has created a unique cultural heritage in the world thanks to its monuments and production in the field of “visual arts”.

“A Living Painting”

Naples offers unique landscapes in the world at every corner

“A City Full of History”

The famous “Castel dell’Ovo” in the gulf of Naples

“Plebiscito Square”

The most important square of Naples in front of the “King’s Palace”

“Chiostro di Santa Chiara”

An example of the artistic beauty of Naples